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Choice Hotels International, Inc. is a hospitality franchisor based in Rockville, Maryland, United States. The company, which is one of the largest hotel chains in the world, owns several hotel brands ranging from upscale to economy. As of March 31, 2019, Choice Hotels franchised 7,005 properties in 41 countries and territories worldwide, with approximately 568,112 rooms.


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Former Employee - Director says

"Sr. Leadership shows no regard for the welfare of its associates by retaining executives who create a fear-based culture. No momentum in culture because the company cannot keep its talent and shows no serious steps towards rectifying it."

Former Employee - Director says

"Executive leadership plays on like the band on the Titanic as if all is well, while everyone runs for the life boats. For those left behind, their fate is equally cold and dark. Marketing and Distribution is a disaster, run by authoritarian rule at the C-suite level and is always in search of the shiny new thing. New ideas that aren't in line with the C-suite's thoughts are immediately and brutally crushed. As others have mentioned, Sales is a disaster because of the revolving door of VP's who are hired and then quickly fall out of favor with the CCO, who then fires them and starts the cycle over again. While it's most pervasive in Sales, this is the fate for many in Marketing and Distribution. Once you fall out of favor with the CCO, it's widely accepted that your career is done and you'll be bullied and shut out until you leave or are forced out. Sycophants are rewarded and people with zero experience are put in roles that they're seriously under-skilled for. Every project or initiative is a fire drill. There's no CMO, which, for a company that relies so heavily on marketing, is both shocking and glaringly apparent in terms of the priorities that are handed down from the C-suite. Executive infighting is common, pitting their teams against one another and making life hell for the managers that have to work among each other for the good of the overall business."

Front Desk Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Better hope you don't have somebody died in your family and your life turned into a mess because you'll get fired. oh but they'll write you up for something completely different than what they actually fired you for.It's laid-back and chillEverybody there starts drama and lies"

Guest Service Agent / Night Auditor (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work. This corporation is very unethical in more ways than one. Run from them! They will stir up trouble behind your back, then fire you for confronting them about it. Management is scandalous, high turnover rates here and they will blacklist you from getting other jobs at hotels if you quit because they won’t pay you much."

Houseman (Former Employee) says

"Job was horrible hotel staff was rude management was the worst didnt know one care about doing anything right this job was a really bad decision needs new ownership"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"The manager was terrible she couldn't manage well at all. We were always understaffed and forced to do extra work and the high turnover rate didn't help either many people left the job after only a day. The manager refused to hire someone to do the massive amounts of laundry we had so I had to go up and down 3 floors several times a day to see if there were any clean sheets/blankets."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"No clear direction on the company's future .the company pays well but no one is very happy. Will never be a leader in the new book tools needed to compete in the 10 years ....Scary really !Pay goodAngry management style"

Housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"I worked there for seven months and it was under the table illegal though I cleaned at an average of five to seven rooms seven days a week only getting a break if nobody stayed at the hotel. I called only once when my husband passed away. No doubt in my mind that I should have been paid way more than $100 a week since I made way below minimum wage and wasn't able to maintain my car. If the environment was better, it was a job I liked, but it was exhausting and stressful due to lack of proper support. Ranger needs a hotel, but it needs to be managed legally.Tips were mineWasn't paid a decent wageThank you for providing your feedback regarding your employment experience at one of our franchised hotels. As a franchisor, Choice Hotels International does not own or operate hotels franchised under its brands and the hotel staff are employed by the independent owner of the hotel. We recommend that you provide your feedback on the Indeed page of the company that owns the hotel at which you were employed."

Front Desk Clerk (Current Employee) says

"Suck they lied about hours Don't work there.. They don't appreciate hard and loyal workers Don't take the time to train people Very unprofessional atmosphereThank you for providing your feedback regarding your employment experience at one of our franchised hotels. As a franchisor, Choice Hotels International does not own or operate hotels franchised under its brands and the hotel staff are employed by the independent owner of the hotel. We recommend that you provide your feedback on the Indeed page of the company that owns the hotel at which you were employed."

Front desk (Former Employee) says

"The hotel wasnt the issue or the team I believe the team was perfect the issue in this particular hotel is the General manager the way she act and treat the employees is disgusting and childless is crazy ,no training but if you ain't handle your business is ok to tell corporate your employees did it good game !!Thank you for providing your feedback regarding your employment experience at one of our franchised hotels. As a franchisor, Choice Hotels International does not own or operate hotels franchised under its brands and the hotel staff are employed by the independent owner of the hotel. We recommend that you provide your feedback on the Indeed page of the company that owns the hotel at which you were employed."

Desk Clerk/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"An unclean lobby environment with torn dirty carpet. The kitchen was not kept properly clean. Desk clerks had to maintain the dining area/kitchen. The place seems to attract persons of low standards as they were the majority of guests. Listened to other employees complain about wages, owner, some guests, fellow employees, some quit without notice and this includes me because I was treated badly. I came in to replace the day clerk on Sunday, the manager called and asked me to do this and I said yes. When I arrived, I was told to clean rooms, do laundry, etc. I can do none of that as I have no experience in either. I suspect it was the night clerk and not the owner who told me to do all this because she was a housekeeper and laundry employee anyway and could not keep up with the front desk work. I hated this job!Thank you for providing your feedback regarding your employment experience at one of our franchised hotels. As a franchisor, Choice Hotels International does not own or operate hotels franchised under its brands and the hotel staff are employed by the independent owner of the hotel. We recommend that you provide your feedback on the Indeed page of the company that owns the hotel at which you were employed."

Comfort Inn (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely terrible place to work. The management treats you like dirt. Only gives her daughter and grandchildren holidays off, and makes everyone else work holidays. No overtime. Micro-manager. Take my word for it, terrible place to work.Thank you for providing your feedback regarding your employment experience at one of our franchised hotels. As a franchisor, Choice Hotels International does not own or operate hotels franchised under its brands and the hotel staff are employed by the independent owner of the hotel. We recommend that you provide your feedback on the Indeed page of the company that owns the hotel at which you were employed."

Lead Maintenance Technician (Former Employee) says

"Kids running the show and they cant even put a vaccum together but wanna tell u how to do maintenance and pm and emp. pocket cash rooms n mold n roomsRoom discountsEverything else"

Senior Billing Analyst (Current Employee) says

"A typical day is full of meaningless meeting with micro management and the workplace culture is stressful.The hardest part of my job is making time to work in the office. We are reduced to working on weekends for lack of office time for from hometerrible healthcare"

Front Desk Supervisor/ Agent (Former Employee) says

"My job was to Check in ALL guests (Reservation and Walk-in) as well as set future reservations for any guest that needed a reservation. I also had to answer phones, Respond to guest emails, Address complaints, Handle large amounts of cash along with Debit/Credit transactions. My Goal each day was to make sure each guest was comfortable in rooms, Unhappy/Unsatisfied guests always received the satisfaction they desiredMeeting guests from all over the worldNo benefits nor pay increase"

Comfort Inn housekeeper (Former Employee) says

"They treated employment bad as well as rooms and other people. They use foul language. The customers complain about spots being on sheets and mattresses but they don't do anything."

Front Desk Clerk (Current Employee) says

"poor salary and no benefits at all.... but it is a very nice place to work since you always have 40 hours a week. co workers are nice.. management is very poor .... no rights for the employees spaecially the housekeeping,you make 40 hours a weekno health care ... no holidays..."

Housekeeping Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"not paied enough for the work I did.job wasn't worth the time to go.dont recumend this to no one its not the job anyone should do for the few hours and the multipul duties you have to do.nonedont pay good"

House keeper (Former Employee) says

"I was super excited to start working here and then when they finally put me on the other housekeepers(girls) were snobby and rude (heather , mik-aylee and Cina ) i spoke to the new manager briefly and he was very rude as well. It was very disappointing. I went home crying most days .Discounts /relocating opportunitiesThe employees"

AUDITOR and FRONT DESK (Former Employee) says

"This was the worst dead end job I have ever had, but the people that worked there were great. The owners were nice, but focused only on spending less while expecting management to drive more revenue. I walked away from a management opportunity here because I saw it only as an opportunity to fail. One of the easiest jobs I ever had, but also one of the lowest paying jobs I had in awhile.Lots of down time, great people to work withVery poor work environment"

Guest Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"I didn't like working for this company. They were like Hitler when it came to the life and work balance absolutely terrible. I was told I was being considered for a full time position and stopped from putting in my 2week notice and turned down job offers all because of a lie my supervisor told me. I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.Working from homeThe lies, and how nasty they are about schedules"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"remember the people calling to make reservations. good management team. gave out new information as soon as possible. center has closed its Grand Junction locations."

Richard McClung says

"My mother, girlfriend, I, and my dog stayed at the Quality Inn in McCook, Nebraska for 8 weeks because we experienced an explosion and fire in our home. We paid $88.00 a night each for 2 rooms and the following is what we experienced there: -Light above sink out for 10 days (Work order not issued by front desk) -Spout in bathtub turns complete 360 degrees -Water needs to run 10 minutes to get hot water -Issued soiled towels -Towels rationed even though we have asked or more (More than likely do not have extra towels, etc. on hand) -Ironing board was damaged (Legs broken on the board) -Iron had red residue on the face of the iron -When conducting cleaning on the room -Linens on bed usually takes 2-3 hours to change (Dirty linens on the bed need to be laundered then placed back on bed because they apparently do not have extra linens to immediately make the bed -No dusting in the room (Night stands and TV stands rarely, if ever, dusted) -House phone not operable (No wire connection from the phone to the wall) -Toilet failed to flush for a period of 2 weeks -Loose toilet seat -Brown and burnt orange water coming out of bathtub spout -TV set is not compatible with remote (Must be operated by using buttons on back of the TV (TV was donated to hotel) -Housekeeping poor (The first time the room was a month after we had occupied it) (Bathroom floor had not been cleaned for a period of two weeks after the toilet had been repaired even though it was obvious it needed it) -WIFI service poor. Smart phones and computer constantly need to be reset to wife system -Business center very poor. Computer is a desktop model using pre-Windows 7 system. Printer doesn’t have a scanner to copy. The whole system is generally out of service -The breakfasts served are substandard -Sour milk for the coffee -Apple and orange juice dispensers generally out of service -Same food served for extended periods of time -At first no toaster, but when a toaster was finally present, the bread offered was yellow, which indicates to me that it was old. -We were told that the manager set the menu daily -Solicitations on the part of housekeeping for tips When I complained the person at the front desk, who happened to have been the son of the general manager told me that if I didn't like it to get the (expletive) out. Then he proceeded to speak to me using racial slurs and other expletives. I called customer service and asked that the person be terminated and it fell on deaf ears. I then contacted an executive customer service manager at their headquarters and was informed that they could do nothing as each hotel is independently owned, therefore corporate had no authority as far as personnel. On previous occasions I have stayed at Comfort Inn in different locations and they were pleasant experiences. But I refuse to do business with a company that permits that type of behavior towards its customers. The hotel seems to serve primarily railroad, construction, and hunters, so it it is obvious that the standards are necessarily high. Needless to say, I will never stay at another Choice Hotel, no matter if I have to drive to the next town. My advise to all is that you never consider staying at this hotel. In fact, stay away from southwest Nebraska as the area is as great a dive as the hotel."

Dave R says

"I was kicked out from one of their hotels (Woodspring Suites Hilliard/Ohio) just because I wanted to file a complaint. The manager there conducted himself in an rude, abusive, dictatorial and intimidating way, JUST BECAUSE I WANTED TO COMPLAIN about something I considered unfair. I am not exaggerating, it was humiliating. This person is not fit to perform any customer-facing duties. Choice Hotels did absolutely nothing about it when I complained."

Lynne Hermes says

"Please call this hotel to confirm that the hotel is not being used as a homeless shelter. I find most choice hotels in the area are and the hotel is very hesitant or does not release this information. The Quality Inn in Orillia is being used as a homeless shelter. The Comfort Inn when asked was very hesitant to answer with an “I am not sure”, reply to the question. Which most likely means yes!"

Amber Heard Fan Club says

"Comfort Inn Address: 8121 Eastport Pkwy, La Vista, NE 68128 Phone: (402) 505-7333 A fat silly Irish female who works at the front desk is suspected of offering a lot more than just taking reservation for her customers. We are 99.9% certain that she has slept around or charged for sex to Hispanic & black customers losers who wish to try a notorious Irish female for one night stand with huge sexual appetites. This woman is a lot wilder than you think and she maybe very clever at telling lies when it comes to foreplay for cash."

Suzanne says

"Made a mistake when booking my room and they charged me twice. Not willing to negotiate at all. I admit to my mistake but the customer service was terrible. First and last time ever using this subpar hotel chain!"

Amy Passmore Welborn says

"Never use If you do use it make sure that it's not a no refund, no cancellation or a no change. On my end I booked for Nov22 to Nov 23 and the site so graciously booked me for Nov 30- Dec 1. I, like everyone else do not have money to throw away on a room I can't use and that they can get more money from."

curt robb says

"Ew!!! I would not stay at the hotel if it was free. It's filthy. Our room smelled really bad. Hair found hair on my pillow. Not mine..Don't waste your money. There are better hotels in the area."

Sherri Hirsch says

"We stayed at Quality Inn Citrus Hill in Beverly Hills FLA. There were 2 kids and 2 adults on reservation. Every day we only had 2 clean towels. Every day I had to ask for additional towels. Today front desk told me to walk down the hall and find a housekeeping cart and get towels. Housekeeper told me no more clean towels in hotel. Really. The towels are getting washed or dried. If you stay here bring your own bath towels."

Ridack Abdul says

"The worst experience I had with choice hotels. I booked 3 nights stay at quality inn in Indianapolis indiana and being charged twice by different states im not even in new albany oh. Im staying hotel in Indianapolis not Columbus but no one stop the fraudulent transaction. unauthorized I being contacting choice hotel since yesterday still charges continue I don’t know how that happened. I don’t think I’ll ever booked hotel in choice hotels web"

Ellie’s says

"This is a review for the comfort hotel Great Yarmouth ! Absolute shambles ! Nothing but liars ! I checked in as I found myself in Great Yarmouth saying goodbye to my grandad as he had died earlier that day They knew this They were quick to take my money then give me my key Seemed really polite so I was happy That was then short lived ! I got into the room noticed the radiator was off and windows open It was a very windy day and also a raining The room was freezing so I shut the window and turned the radiator on An hour later I was still freezing so went to reception to ask if there was a problem or was it me The lady acted like it was a new problem and in her words needed to make some calls Another hour passes I go back but go out the front 1st for a vape and speak to 2 lots of guests about my cold room they stated that they had been there for 2 days and it’s been broken all the time they have been there ! And one couple said it took 6 hours for them to receive a heater they promised So I go back in to ask and mention what I was told for the lady not to deny it but says she will get a heater to me that heater never arrived I lay in bed crying and unable to sleep most of the night due to being so cold even with the quilt on Then comes the morning ! I decide to have a bath takes me ages to get up as I was so cold and could barely move ! I ran the bath and thought great the waters hot that’s something at least ! To then notice a dead flea floating in my bath water ! I got a pic immediately for proof and you could see it was a flea ! Then I noticed how green and dirty around the bath was and dirty tissue was stuffed behind the toilet too then there was the filthy sink I got pics of everything and sent a kind email to the manager after being told the manager wasn’t in till Monday for complaints and refunds I had a reply stating that the flea in the pic didn’t look like one and apparently they had pest control out straight away to check the room and found nothing (yet they couldn’t get a heater to me at all during my stay like they promised ) also said if I would have asked for a refund she would of issued an immediate refund (impossible if paid by card like I did ) and would of personally booked me a room at a different hotel ! Well that’s funny I got told manager wasn’t there till Monday so lie number 1! She failed to mention the other complaints I made Then had the cheek to offer me money off another stay there and free upgrade ! Like hell would I stay there again They knew why I was there and as much as I’m not entitled the customer care was shocking they couldn’t give a hoot at all! And because I refused her offer she said she said that she would no longer communicate with me ! So!! I took it online and opened a case got a response from someone else and she stated she would look into it then here come the lies again She said all they said and I had already told them what they told me and that they were lies but she sided with them anyway Then acted like she was doing me a favour by offering 6000 club points for a stay at one of their hotels around the world !! Errrm no all I want is a full refund for the awful experience I am still not over ! She then stated they are unable to do refunds currently due to Covid and that department being shut?? LIES! because when I stated that it was ok I would wait for a refund she had the cheek to say that she is not willing to offer me a refund and all I could have was points !! That is no way to treat a customer and a grieving one at that utter disgrace !"

Chairlean Morearty says

"This place is very inconsistent. They dont even try to accommodate its guests, the rooms are always dirty and managers nit picky."

Eric Sullivan says

"Stayed at Roadway Inn and they charged us a for a mini fridge and a microwave 35 dollars a week and stole that money it was suppose t be a hold they made us pay 450 dollars in deposits and stole it saying the we're taking our deposit for walking our dogs with out a leash and after my girlfriend asked about it, lady at desk said you can leave tonight anymore trouble out of you dumb (bi-ch). And we. We're using that money to get apartment. We had to sleep in our car and did t eat for 2 days because of this. And the company tells us tuff. And laughs at us when we called them. And we never received a single reward points after staying with them for 2 months. Choice hotel is racist and hate black people is what I figure. And why all the hate. I thought we were in this together. What a lie. In america it's take and steal and try to justify it well I will be posting this everyday tell I get some justification and I will post this on Facebook and any form I can over and over tell they fix this. I want my money and wont stop tell I get it."

AAA says

"Stayed at Rodeway Inn, East Division, Arlington Texas. Didn't have much sleep as train horns blasted all through the night, neither windows nor doors are soundproof despite being next to a busy cargo trains hub. I asked to change to a back room for second night and the price was hiked, that a change of room attracts extra $20 as per Choice Hotel policy-slashed to $10 after protest, room price increased too. New room was less prone to train noise but gosh, sperm on bedsheets of one of the two beds in the room! I will post pictures on Google reviews. Extremely bad management and customer service, zero stars, Pilot trust gifted them the one star in this review."

Treena lester says

"Made reservations here for sept 4 & 5.... was room 205. When we walked in I knew something was wrong the beds were made carelessly made the top cover was stained with what looked like dried blood. Had cigarette burns on the Ratty blanket they had on bed. There was no way the carpet could have been vacuumed, it had white spots all over it you could take your shoe and rub it out. We were gonna try make the best of it and we happened upon a bag if needles in the desk. Needless to say we went to the front desk and no one would go look at the room and check it out. Unfortunately because we booked through Priceline they won’t even consider refunding my money. So needless to say your name and that motel is a joke. They do not represent choice hotels. 3670 Roy messer highway white pine tn 37890"

Sandra Matthes says

"They charged my credit card for the room 19 days before the stay. When I canceled the reservation, within the cancellation period, because it was purchased with points and cash they charged me $80 for the canceled reservation. This policy is not on their site, I cannot find it. Other hotel chains treat the traveling public much kinder, especially in times of a health crisis."

Alyx Morgan says

"Was booking a hotel through, but thought I would look at the hotel's site directly, as sometimes it's cheaper. Choice Hotels' website says they offer a "Lowest Price Guarantee," but the price on was lower. So I booked on Choice Hotels' site & filled out the form to receive their Lowest Price Guarantee. They reached out to me the next day to say that they couldn't find the site I had given them to see the lower rate, & asked me to resubmit my request with the full url. When I went back to their website to resubmit my claim, I saw that they had changed the rate on their website to match what I found on However, I had saved a screenshot of the price I had found on, & also had my reservation, which was for the original (higher) price the day before. I resubmitted the request, & received notice that they were "reviewing" my claim. Two days later, I still hadn't received any notice from them (though they were able to get back to me within one day for the first claim). A week after that, I responded to their email with the proof of the lower rate on versus what I'd agreed to via their website. It's now been over a month, & I still haven't heard anything from the chain. It seems VERY underhanded to change the fare based on someone's claim, & then never reply back to said person, once they've resubmitted the claim. I have since cancelled my reservation with them, & will do my best to not do business with this hotel chain again, or if I do, I will definitely book through someone else!"

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